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Raw Dog Food - 100% Grass Fed Beef

Raw Dog Food - 100% Grass Fed Beef

Coligny Creek Cattle Co.
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100% Grass Fed Raw Dog Food

Sold in 14 oz.  frozen packages

When we process our 100% Grass Fed Beef, we are left with small scraps and organs. To reduce waste, these high quality morsels are combined and turned into healthy and natural food for dogs.

Dogs are primarily carnivorous animals, which means that their bodies are adapted to extracting nutrition from animal-based sources – this means that meat should be the primary focus of a dog’s diet. In addition to raw meat and organs, raw bones provide key minerals like calcium as well as other nutrients.

Add a few packages to your order and let your four-legged friend decide if this stuff is great!


Ratio of products in the food:

70% Meat Protein

30% Organs